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Patients with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other equally catastrophic and medically complex injuries need advanced, specialized rehabilitation immediately following hospital care. Our personalized care plans include one-on-one physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy performed in a non-institutional setting for maximum comfort and psychological well-being.

With specialty skilled nursing and rehab facilities throughout California (San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego), Nevada (Las Vegas), Arizona (Phoenix and Scottsdale), and Colorado (Littleton), our commitment to delivering high-quality post-acute care is the focus of everything we do, providing the foundation to heal patients and bring hope to families.


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CareMeridian Arizona Recreation Therapist Savannah Geare, along with patients at CareMeridian Phoenix created a sensory garden, with mosaic stepping stones in the courtyard at the facility. (Pic 1) CareMeridian Phoenix resident Rob Ballas and his wife Susie, with the stepping stone they created.  (Pic 2).
CareMeridian Fresno had an exciting day last Saturday when Fox News Channel 26 news interviewed resident James Ds wife Socorro, and patient’s firefighter students that were present.

On Saturday, 5/7/19, at the CareMeridian FresnoWeber Facility, a Fire Engine arrived and a few firefighters from Station 9 come in to show their fire engine. We all learned that a fire truck is what carries the ladder with some water, but the fire engine actually only carries water. The residents really enjoyed the event.  We had food, drinks, and music along with the fire engine. The fire engine was brought in to allow two residents reminisce about their past jobs. We have two retired firemen that are currently staying with us.  They really enjoyed it as well as their families. One resident was a teacher for the academy in Sanger, CA, to help teens learn and get them ready to become firefighters. His wife and teens were interviewed by Fox 26 news to give credit to the teens. The teens were helping residents wife upkeep her home to help her be ready for when her husband, our resident, returns home. Jessie C., our other resident, was a firefighter in Santa Cruz. He was on Engine 1765. Both are really great at doing their jobs and we are all happy and honored to be helping and supporting them in every which way we can. -- John Moran, DON
Littleton Physical Therapist Matt Jodis, DPT, on an outing at nearby Hine Lake Park shooting hoops with one of the residents.
Former CareMeridian Phoenix patient James McColloh (with his wife Rosann) was a recipient of the Fred Brick Rehabilitant of the Year Award, at the AWCCA meeting on Tuesday, May 10th. Also pictured, L-R, Anna Swanson, OTR, Zachary Wagner, RN, nurse case manager Ginger Dunn, and Regional Director of Business Development Karen Christiana.

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Marilyn Miller WaiteI have a picture of me sitting on Fred Brick's lap when he played Santa Claus at AWCCA. LOL. He was a great guy.

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KyXy 96.5 CBS San Diego receives nominations monthly for a deserving nurse from San Diego County. Awards...

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Congratulations to our own Jesus Ocampo, CareMeridian Garden Grove Activities Director, for being recognized by The MENTOR...


What Our Patients Are Saying:

I have now been home for seven months and am working, driving, and don't need a cane or walker any more.  I feel the care I received at CareMeridian was a huge advantage to my recovery and would highly recommend the facility to anyone and their family.  I will be forever grateful for the care and love I received.  It will be a year since the accident in a few days and I am almost back to where I was before getting hit by the drunk driver.  The rehab doctors did not think I would walk by now, let alone working, driving and doing so well.  Thank you Colby, RNs, medical assistants, cook, housekeeper and the rest of the staff at CareMeridian Gilroy.  You will be forever in my prayers and good thoughts.

Jill Ewert,

The ratio of nurses and CNA’s to patients was perfect, with quick responses to the call button and always someone avalilable when needed. Of particular mention is the care Bob received from CNA Eric, who seems to always be available when needed. Eric often went above and beyond what I would have expected in providing this outstanding level of care.

Janice Zook,
Wife of Patient

Whoever started Care Meridian did a good thing and the people who run it sure know how to hire the right people. It’s amazing that every person who works there makes “you” feel special, they lift your spirits and keep you going. I’m still on my diet plan to stay on it, it’s a lifestyle change and thanks to Mike for leading me in the right direction.

Dianne Welshans,

The staff at CareMeridian 4Kids are literally Miracle Workers! Our 19-year-old son Ryan came in after a terrible motorcycle accident with multiple injuries, including a severe brain injury and was in respiratory distress. He had been in a comatose state for over a month and his prognosis was pretty poor. In the short time our son was there, he exceeded all expectations for physical and mental capability!

Lorin and Craig W.,
Family of Patient

Everyone, from the nurses and therapists, to the kitchen staff, to the housekeeper, has been just wonderful to me. CareMeridian is blessed with a great staff of caring people.  Because of the excellent nursing care and rehab I have received at CareMeridian, I am now on the road to recovery and look forward to going home soon! I cannot thank everyone enough for what they did for me.

James McCulloh,

What Our Employees Are Saying:

I like working for CareMeridian because this company puts their words into action.  CareMeridian is a company that puts people first.  Patients are the center of everything that we do.  My job is made easy because I am allowed to center my actions around patient care.

John I Moran,

I like working for CareMeridian, it’s a great company they support me in providing the best activities for my patients, I love working for such a wonderful company and to be recognized for my work is awesome!

Mary Jane Trifon,

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Our facilities offer individualized care plans, 24/7 care, 1:4 staff-patient ratio and intense nursing of 9.5 hours per patient daily.


Employee Of The Month

Kristine Bolinas is April 2016 Employee of the Month. Kristine joined CareMeridian in December 2009 and is a night-shift CNA at CareMeridian Garden Grove. Kristina was nominated by Garden Grove Director of Nursing Aida Torres, RN.

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Individuals are encouraged to contact the Department of Developmental Services at 914.654.1987 or www.dds.ca.gov/complaints regarding any concerns related to patient rights, care and safety in accordance with stipulations set forth by the North Los Angeles County Regional Center.