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CareMeridian History Timeline Collage

At CareMeridian, we have been restoring hope to people of all ages with brain, spinal cord and other catastrophic injuries and medically complex illnesses for more than 25 years. With more than 30 subacute care facilities throughout the western United States, CareMeridian offers a distinctive service delivery model, merging experienced and skilled health care and rehabilitation teams with community-based facilities designed to meet the unique needs of those we serve at every stage of recovery.

Today, we are proud to be one of America’s premier subacute care providers with industry leading 1:4 staff-patient ratios, 1:1 therapy and exceptional patient outcomes.

Our founder Bob Buckley had a vision that people in need of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation or spinal cord rehabilitation should be able to return to their communities without having to live the rest of their lives in an institutional setting or risk peril at home with inadequate care. That vision was realized with the opening of Cowan Heights in January 1989. And since that time, the people of CareMeridian have continued that mission of helping our patients reach their highest potential through the delivery of personalized, complex nursing, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and spinal cord rehabilitation services in a non-institutional environment.

We are proud of our legacy and committed to our vision.

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  • January 1989

    MNC (Meridian Neuro Care) started as a residential option for patients with catastrophic illnesses and injuries — primarily slow-to-recover patients with brain injuries. MNC opens its first facility in Cowan Heights, California (Orange County) with 6 beds.

  • May 1990

    MNC opens a 6-bed facility in Escondido, California (San Diego County).

  • August 1990

    MNC opens a 6-bed facility in La Habra Heights, California (Los Angeles County).

  • December 1990

    MNC opens its 6-bed Fresno Marks facility in Fresno, California (Fresno County).

  • July 1991

    MNC Cowan Heights adds 2 beds (now an 8-bed facility).

  • March 1992

    MNC opens an 8-bed facility in Elk Grove, California (Sacramento County).

  • October 1992

    MNC Escondido adds 3 beds (now a 9-bed facility).

  • November 1994

    MNC Escondido adds 3 beds (now a 9-bed facility).

  • June 1995

    MNC La Habra Heights adds 2 beds (now an 8-bed facility).

  • October 1996

    MNC Oxnard adds 3 beds (now a 9-bed facility).

  • November 1996

    Tustin, California-based Regency Health Services purchases MNC.

  • December 1996

    MNC Elk Grove adds 4 bed (now a 12-bed facility).

  • October 1997

    Regency sells its operation to Sun Healthcare. Investors Rick Matros, Bruce Broussard, Harold Andrews, Sherri Medina, Jim Ashby and Dan Larson purchasethe MNC service line concurrent to the sale.

    Meridian Neuro Care is renamed CareMeridian to reflect the company’s expanded services from brain injury to all catastrophic injuries and illnesses. Sherri Medina becomes President and Harold Andrews Chief Financial Officer.

  • January 1999

    CM (CareMeridian) La Habra Heights adds 1 bed (now a 10-bed facility).

  • May 1999

    CM opens a 6-bed facility in Santiago Canyon, California (Orange County).

  • June 2000

    CM Escondido expands by 1 bed (now a 10-bed facility).

    CM opens a 12-bed facility in Fairfax, California (Marin County).

  • October 2000

    CM opens a 6-bed facility in Gilroy, California (Santa Clara County).

  • June 2001

    CM Cowan Heights adds 1 bed (now a 9-bed facility).

    CM Gilroy adds 3 beds (now 9-bed facility).

  • May 2002

    CM opens a 10-bed facility in Artesia, California (Los Angeles County).

  • January 2003

    Investors Jim Ashby and Dan Larson take an active role in CM, assuming the positions of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Development Officer.

  • May 2003

    CM Santiago Canyon adds 6 beds (now a 12-bed facility).

  • May 2004

    CM opens an 18-bed facility in Las Vegas, Nevada (Clark County).

  • July 2004

    CM Oxnard adds 1 bed (now a 10-bed facility).

  • May 2006

    CareMeridian is acquired by The Mentor Network, a Boston-based national network of local human services providers. The CareMeridian service line, name and management team are retained.

    Jim Ashby is appointed President and CEO of CareMeridian.

  • July 2007

    CM Fresno Marks adds 6 beds (now a 12-bed facility).

  • May 2008

    CM opens a 6-bed facility in Granite Bay, California (Placer County).

  • February 2009

    CM Fresno Weber in Fresno, California (Fresno County) opens with 12 beds.

  • June 2009

    CM Phoenix Thomas in Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County) opens with 31 beds.

  • December 2009

    CM acquires Village Healthcare which owns a 12-bed facility in Tustin, California and an unopened 15-bed facility in Garden Grove, California.

    CM Las Vegas adds 17 beds (now 35 beds), opening a designated pediatric wing, serving as the only subacute pediatric facility within the state of Nevada.

  • February 2010

    CM opens the new 15-bed facility in Garden Grove, California (Orange County) that it acquired from Village Healthcare.

  • August 2010

    CM Tustin adds 2 beds (now 14-beds total).

  • October 2010

    CM acquires New Start Homes, a network of six Los Angeles County community-based living facilities, providing support and independence training to individuals with spinal cord injuries.

  • April 2011

    Care Meridian opens an 8-bed supported living facility in Scottsdale, Arizona (Maricopa County) providing daily living assistance and support toward increased independence and community integration.

  • May 2011

    CM Fresno Weber adds 3 beds (now 15 beds total).

  • September 2011

    CM Chatsworth Oso (Los Angeles County) opens with 6 beds.

  • July 2012

    CM opens 36-bed facility in Littleton, Colorado (Jefferson County).

  • October 2012

    CM opens 15-bed facility in La Mesa, California (San Diego County).

  • June 2013

    CM opens its first all-adult facility in Clark County, Nevada, enabling Las Vegas Carmen to serve as an all-pediatric facility.

    CM opens 12-bed facility in Pleasanton, California (Alameda County).

  • December 2013

    CM establishes CareMeridian 4Kids, remodeling and dedicating its original 35-bed Las Vegas facility to caring for children.

  • April 2014

    CareMeridian celebrates its 25th anniversary, with 28 facilities throughout the Western United States, approximately 800 employees, and 175 independent service contractors.

  • September 2014

    CareMeridian announces expansion 3700 square-foot expansion of its Granite Bay facility, adding a new wing with four additional beds to the existing 6-bed space.

  • December 2015

    CareMeridian officially opens its Texhoma facility in San Fernando Valley in Southern California. The 3,000 square-foot facility features six private beds and was licensed as a congregate living facility in June 2015.

  • December 2015

    CareMeridian welcomes Winways, located in Orange County, and Solutions, located in Santa Barbara, California, to its family of operations. Winways/Solutions provides residential and day program rehabilitative services to those with traumatic brain injuries, post concussive syndrome, strokes, and other neurological disorders.

  • February 2016

    CareMeridian announces the appointment of Deborah L. Doherty, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Doherty has more than 30 years of specialized expertise in the field of rehabilitation medicine with a focus on brain injury rehabilitation.

  • March 2016

    CareMeridian acquires Eagle Crest Care Center in Fresno, California. The 12-bed facility offers specialty skilled nursing and rehabilitation for post acute patients with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, catastrophic and severe disabilities and other medically complex illnesses.

    Today, our professional care team has unmatched expertise in providing high quality, medical management and restorative care to individuals with catastrophic illnesses or injuries. Our successful evolution over the past 25 years is due to a strong management team that has shown a consistent and ongoing commitment to providing patients the best possible individualized care in a non-institutional environment, conducive to quicker recovery.

CareMeridian — the Closest Thing to Home.

View the History Timeline PDF

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