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Employee Testimonials

“I like working for CareMeridian because this company puts their words into action.  CareMeridian is a company that puts people first.  Patients are the center of everything that we do.  My job is made easy because I am allowed to center my actions around patient care.  I like working for CareMeridian because they value their employees.  I feel appreciated for the work that I do.  I feel like I make a difference daily.  I feel like a crucial part of the team.  I like working for CareMeridian because I have lost count of the amount of success stories we have produced.  I like working for CareMeridian because I am proud of where I work and what I do every day.  It was a humbling experience to be recognized as the employee of the month.  CareMeridian has many great employees.  To be recognized among them was an honor.”

–John I Moran RN, DON/Administrator, Fresno Weber/Marks facilities

“I like working for CareMeridian, it’s a great company. They support me in providing the best activities for my patients, I love working for such a wonderful company and to be recognized for my work is awesome!”

–Mary Jane Trifon, Activity Director, San Fernando Valley facilities


What Patients Say About Our Employees

Everyone, from the nurses and therapists, to the kitchen staff, to the housekeeper, has been just wonderful to me. CareMeridian is blessed with a great staff of caring people.  Because of the excellent nursing care and rehab I have received at CareMeridian, I am now on the road to recovery and look forward to going home soon! I cannot thank everyone enough for what they did for me.”

— James McCulloh

“The ratio of nurses and CNA’s to patients was perfect, with quick responses to the call button and always someone avalilable when needed. Of particular mention is the care Bob received from CNA Eric, who seems to always be available when needed. Eric often went above and beyond what I would have expected in providing this outstanding level of care.”

— Janice Zook, Wife of Patient