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CareMeridian entered the Nevada marketplace in 2004, providing children and adults a broad range of rehabilitation services ranging from long term pediatric care, multiple trauma, fractures, tracheostomy care, wound care, and spinal cord injuries to severe traumatic brain injury. Our Nevada rehabilitation care facilities offer an industry leading patient-to-staff ratio, state-of-the-art equipment and individualized care plans.

CareMeridian 4kids Las Vegas – Carmen , CareMeridian 4kids Las Vegas – Buffalo, and CareMeridian 4kids Reno programs serve as the only post-acute long-term pediatric care facilities within the state of Nevada.

All three of our Nevada facilities serve as traumatic brain injury centers and spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers, providing patients who are the victims of catastrophic injuries with the opportunity to avoid extended hospital stays and begin their post-acute rehabilitation in community-based, non-institutional settings.

All three of CareMeridian’s Nevada subacute care facilities have in-network relationships with over 60 private insurance carriers, along with workers’ compensation and the Veterans Administration.

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Las Vegas


CareMeridian 4kids - Carmen

7690 Carmen Blvd.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

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Las Vegas


CareMeridian 4kids - Buffalo

3391 N. Buffalo Dr.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

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CareMeridian & CareMeridian 4kids - Reno

3980 Lake Placid Drive

Reno, Nevada 89511

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