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CareMeridian and CareMeridian 4kids – Reno Facility Brochure
CareMeridian 4kids 2017 Annual Outcomes
CareMeridian 2017 Annual Outcomes

CareMeridian Reno offers Adult and Pediatric programs.

The 12-bed CareMeridian 4kids program is designed to provide children with a safe, non-institutional environment to receive specialized, skilled care. Our facility features an atmosphere conducive to our young patients’ recovery, including appropriately decorated rooms and rehabilitation equipment specifically designed for them. Our friendly staff makes every effort to ensure you and your child feel safe and happy at CareMeridian. Visit this page to learn more about our pediatric long term care program.

The 12-bed adult program provides a continuum of high-quality, cost-effective post- acute care and rehabilitation options to individuals with brain, spinal cord and other life-altering injuries and medically-complex illnesses. Our unique service delivery model merges an experienced and skilled health care and rehabilitation team with specialized technology in community-based program settings designed to meet the unique needs of those we serve at every stage of their recovery.

In total, the 24-bed Reno facility features 19,000 square feet in a natural healing non-institutional environment and offers an industry leading staff-patient ratio, specialized equipment and intense nursing of up to 10 hours per patient daily. Individualized care plans support patients with brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries or medically complex illnesses, and patients in need of a spinal cord injury rehabilitation program.

Our interdisciplinary treatment team is comprised of nursing staff; physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists; social workers; activities directors; dietitians and expert consulting physicians. This team is specially designed to provide the highest quality spinal cord rehabilitation, brain injury rehabilitation and complex medical & nursing care.

CareMeridian Reno is the bridge from hospital home, providing industry leading, rehabilitation and subacute services in a non-institutional setting. The result is an environment conducive to quicker recovery unlike any other post-acute care options. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a visit.

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