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Vice President, Operations

Bruce Kuluris was appointed Vice President of Operations for CareMeridian in 2017. With more than 30 years of healthcare experience, Bruce is responsible for direction and oversight of all CareMeridian facilities to ensure quality and financial viability, improving and sustaining superior performance for each facility, coordinating with the sales and marketing team, and ensuring appropriate placement of all viable patients.  

Bruce began working with CareMeridian in 1993 as a consultant for rehabilitation services through his own company Kuluris Rehab Services and subsequently joined CareMeridian in 2003 as Director of Rehabilitation which ultimately led him to his current VPO position.

Prior to CareMeridian, Bruce began his career at the Rehabilitation Institute of Orange, providing physical therapy to adult and pediatric neurologically impaired patients. He also was Chief Physical Therapist for an acute hospital including ICU and subacute care and later was Clinical Director/Partner for a Home and Community program for catastrophically injured and ill, which eventually progressed to his own consulting company.  

Bruce serves as a Board Director for Network Angels for The Mentor Network, and as a committee member on the Centers of Excellence Committee of the Nuerodevelopmental Treatment Association (NDTA.)

Bruce holds a master’s degree in business administration from The University of Phoenix and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from California State University at Long Beach.  He is a registered Physical Therapist and certified in Nuerodevelopmental Treatment.

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