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Director of Facility Development and Construction

Ron Panich was appointed Director of Facility Development and Construction for CareMeridian in May 2015. In this role, Ron will be responsible for the management of all CareMeridian construction projects and existing properties. Ron has been affiliated with CareMeridian and its predecessor Meridian NeuroCare since 1989 and has since designed, built and remodeled many of the buildings currently operated by CareMeridian. He has played significant roles in the evolving development of the CareMeridian Facility Model, always advocating for building designs and elements that allow the most comfortable and efficient environments for the patients and staff.

In addition to his contracting and construction consulting experience, Ron has served as an Expert Witness in Construction Defect lawsuits and mediations, and continues to advocate for exceptional construction standards.

Ron earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and worked in Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health prior to his career in construction. His background in science has guided his technical approach to the development and construction process and has been the most prominent factor in his drive to understand Building Codes, State Health and Safety Codes and construction techniques and applications that are requisite for Congregate Living Health Facilities, which are a unique blend of Residential, Commercial and Institutional Building Standards.

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