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CareMeridian’s experienced Patient Care Team is dedicated to providing our patients superior innovative care and personalized attention to provide the best possible recovery.  Our interdisciplinary group of care professionals work together to develop individual plans to ensure each patient has the best opportunity to improve quality of life.


Clinical Evaluator
Clinical Evaluators help provide opportunities for patients to access CareMeridian’s programs and to perform clinical evaluations to determine initial treatment goals and eligibility.

Admissions Coordinator
An Admissions Coordinator coordinates and manages all patient’s benefits and communications prior to admission to facilitate a smooth entry for each participant as well as for their case managers and families.


Medical Directors and Attending Physicians
Our Physicians provide medical direction and consultation related to the patient’s overall medical and health services.

Director of Nursing/Case Manager
Our Director of Nursing (DON) provides overall support for each  patient’s program, ensuring that all service objectives are met and that all members of an individual’s team are providing the highest quality care and support.  DON/Case Managers also serve as liaisons between the participant, treatment team, funding representatives, and families as well as facilitate discharge planning.

Our staff of nurses specialize in the following services:  medication, tube feeding, respiratory care (including tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation), wound care, and bowel and bladder management.

Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Nursing Assistants provide care to patients including bathing, bowel and bladder management, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Physical Therapist
Physical Therapists (PTs) provide functional assessments and therapeutic interventions to improve our  patients’ mobility, balance, strength and endurance.  PTs initiate the community integration process when appropriate.

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapists (OTs) provide functional assessments and therapeutic interventions to improve self-care skills, safe performance of activities of daily living, and the development of fine motor skills needed for independent living.  OTs also assess and train for the use of specialized adaptive equipment needed to increase safety and independence, as well as address issues related to visual perceptual function and cognition. In addition, OTs initiate the community integration process when appropriate.

Speech and Language Pathologist
Our Speech and Language Pathologists (STs) provide evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders, which may include the following: Modified Barium Swallow and Blue dye studies. STs also provide assessments and therapeutic interventions that address  patient’s communication and language skills and development of skills to compensate for memory and executive functioning skills.

Activities Director
The Activities Director provides assistance with planning and managing leisure activities and coordinating community resources.

Our Dietician evaluates nutritional status and designs a diet program to meet the medical requirements of each individual, providing adequate calories to facilitate participation and healing.

Respiratory Therapist
The Respiratory Therapist supports the nursing staff in the management, care and treatment for those patients with ventilators, tracheostomies or other respiratory issues.

Social Worker
Our Social Worker assists with access to governmental programs (e.g. Medicare, MediCal/Caid, and disability). The Social Worker can also make referrals to community service and support programs.

Our Neuropsychologists specialize in assessing brain-behavior relationships, assist in treatment planning and in recommending alternative higher level executive functioning and behavioral strategies to enhance one’s functional abilities.

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