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CareMeridian’s Student Nursing Program allows vocational nursing students an opportunity to interact with CareMeridian patients and gain real-life experience in the needs of post acute care patients.

A majority of CareMeridian patients remain at our facilities for an extended period of time.  Exposure to these young interns provides patients with an opportunity to interact with young people who have been exposed to the most recent nursing advancements in an academic setting and who offer a fresh outlook on recovery.

Students are paired with instructors from their related schools, along with long-term, experienced CareMeridian licensed nursing staff.  Receiving credits for an internship, these students gain real-life experience that they would not be able to obtain elsewhere because of the complexity of subacute care.  In turn, CareMeridian is building a pool of potential  future nursing staff that have been trained and are experienced in the CareMeridian environment.

CareMeridian has been approved by the Vocational Nursing Board as well as all schools involved in the Program.

The Program was rolled out in Southern California then expanded to include other post acute facilities which offer programs to treat patients with brain, spinal cord and medically complex injuries.

For more information, please contact:

Toni Bethke
Student Nursing Program Coordinator
(714) 649-0533

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