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Specialty Rehabilitation Care Facilities

24-hour In-Patient Care

CareMeridian’s medically advanced specialty rehabilitation care facilities focus on subacute spinal cord injury recovery, traumatic brain injury long term care, and medically complex cases, such as patients with neuromuscular disorders and pulmonary disease or injuries. Our patient services are advanced, and include ventilator care, trach care, vac therapy, halo care and more, reducing the need for extended, expensive acute care hospital stays.

With a 1:4 staff-to-patient ratio and a non-institutional, community-based setting, we ensure that each of our rehabilitation care facilities provides quality services and continuity of care for all patients, critical to recovery.

At CareMeridian, we believe that through individualized care plans and personalized attention, every patient has the opportunity to improve their quality of life — in a place they can call home. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation staff provides 24/7 support and understands that the road to recovery can be long and challenging. But, with our proven experience, unique approach and advanced care technology, our catastrophic injury and stroke rehabilitation centers provide the subacute services patients need to reach their maximum potential. Our therapists have the experience and training to help our clients make strides toward a higher level of independence.

A specialty subacute care facility that offers customized rehabilitation.

Measuring progress in our uniquely customized approach to rehabilitation can be seen in a variety of ways, ranging from a patient’s ability to breathe on their own, to move a hand, to operate a wheelchair.  Improvement may also be evident as a patient receives training to function independently in a home environment.

In addition, we utilize The Rancho Los Amigos Scale to help track stages of recovery. The Rancho Scale (named after the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center), assesses the level of recovery of brain injury patients and those recovering from coma. During recovery, we welcome family members to join us as we help their loved one achieve their ultimate goal: a higher level of functioning.

With specialty subacute care facilities throughout the Western United States (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado), CareMeridian provides customized subacute services designed to bring individualized treatment to patients and comfort to the family.

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