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Subacute Care for Medically Complex Patients

As medically complex patients begin their recovery, we provide them with specialized 24/7 subacute care facilities that help them reach their outcome goals, or make the progress they require between the hospital ICU and being able to return home.

We’ve learned there is no single solution to caring for catastrophic injuries and illnesses. More importantly, we understand that pulmonary illnesses or diseases can compound the complexity of treating patients who have been in a car accident or suffer from congenital anomalies.

The CareMeridian Difference.

Our non-institutional environment, industry-leading 1:4 staff-to-patient ratios and adherence to state and national standards, provide slow-to-progress, medically complex patients what they really need: the best opportunity for improvement. These patients and their families are given real hope for the highest level of care and recovery potential at CareMeridian subacute nursing facilities.

The CareMeridian difference is evident in our ability to:

  • Offer complete ventilator nursing care, including weaning patients with pulmonary illnesses from a ventilator and/or tracheostomy
  • Treat neuromuscular disorders that attack the nerves in muscles and hinder a person’s ability to control bodily movements
  • Care for congenital anomalies that affect everything from vital organs to spinal malformations
  • Provide active spinal cord rehabilitation and brain injury care
  • Custom test to demonstrate that specialized patient interventions are actually making a difference
  • Accept most major health plans and payers

Of course, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. But, with CareMeridian’s experienced care team and individualized care plans, every small step provides hope for patients and their families.

With subacute care facilities in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah, our commitment to delivering high-quality rehabilitation is the focus of everything we do, providing the foundation to heal patients and bring hope to families.

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