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Pediatric Long Term Care Facilities

We understand the unique needs of children.

CareMeridian 4kids Logo NO TAGLINECareMeridian 4kids is a residential long term pediatric care program designed to provide children with a safe, non-institutional environment while they receive specialized, skilled care during their recovery period. We’ve created an atmosphere conducive to our young patients’ recovery, including distinctly decorated rooms and rehabilitation equipment specifically designed for them. Our friendly staff makes every effort to ensure your child feels safe and happy at CareMeridian.

One-on-one care focuses on the individual needs of our patients.

At CareMeridian 4kids, we work one-on-one with the children for their individual needs, from pediatric brain injury rehabilitation to pediatric ventilator nursing care. Our pediatric occupational therapy team utilizes equipment that is both familiar and fun. “Wii-hab” (fun physical and occupational therapy using a Nintendo Wii™ home video game) offers a dynamic and engaging approach that focuses on improving motor and visual skills, as well as cognition.peds-patient1-300x213

Parents are involved at every step of the process.

At our CareMeridian 4kids pediatric long term care centers we involve parents in every level of their child’s recovery. This positive family dynamic enhances and can accelerate the healing process. And through interdisciplinary pediatric rehabilitation team meetings, parents are provided with comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date reports on their child’s weekly progress.

Easily stay with your child while they’re with us. 

Additionally, we are sensitive to how difficult it is to be separated from your child. That’s why family members can stay overnight with their child if they desire, and as a partner with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, we can refer families for temporary housing in order for them to be close to their child receiving care at CareMeridian 4kids.

Continued support at home after leaving CareMerdian 4Kids. 

After discharge, should your child require ongoing care, our dedicated pediatric therapy center care team visits your home to identify all possible difficulties and then instructs your family on any special needs your child may have and how to best address them, in order to ensure a comfortable transition.

You can hear about what sets CareMeridian 4kids apart from Dr. Nakamura, CareMeridian 4kids Medical Director and CareMeridian 4kids Advisory Committee Chair, on our YouTube Channel.

The CareMeridian 4kids program is currently offered at our two Las Vegas facilities, Carmen and Buffalo.

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