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Subacute Ventilator Nursing Care Facilities

Unable to maintain spontaneous breathing, ventilator patients are at greater risk and require specialized care.

Suffering from a brain, spinal cord or medically complex injury is challenging enough — but patients who are experiencing some level of respiratory failure and require ventilator care are faced with even greater difficulties. Ventilator nursing care patients are not physiologically able to maintain spontaneous breathing. The need for subacute respiratory care is often seen in patients with neuromuscular and central nervous system diseases, and spinal cord and other medically complex conditions such as cerebral vascular accident, myocardial infarction and multiple sclerosis.

CareMeridian accepts patients that not only show potential for ventilator weaning, but those that may need long-term care placement. We offer both adult and pediatric ventilator nursing care.

These patients are at greater risk of developing infections because their respiratory systems are already compromised. At CareMeridian, the chance of infection is significantly less due to the small size of each facility and the training of staff in airway care.

The CareMeridian Difference.

Ventilator nursing care specialists are, of course, a vital part of our subacute staffing mix that keeps our patients comfortable and improving every day. However, every care-providing CareMeridian staff member is trained in the care of ventilated patients upon hiring – and on an ongoing basis – in the proper administration and weaning of ventilator care. Staff competencies are reviewed regularly and additional training is provided when medical industry standards and ventilator technologies change. CareMeridian is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and recognized for meeting the commission’s healthcare quality and safety standards.

Individualized Respiratory Care Plan

Beginning with a careful assessment of a patient’s respiratory function, a personalized ventilator care program is established and, once administered, staff is proactive in preventing many complications commonly associated with vent care, including infection.

Staff doesn’t function alone in adult or pediatric ventilator nursing care, but is part of an interdisciplinary team that includes speech and respiratory therapists, and consultant pulmonary specialists when needed. The CareMeridian team has been highly successful with weaning patients from ventilator support, oxygen therapy, and the discontinuation of artificial airways.

Our 24/7 commitment to our ventilator patients, along with our 1:4 staff-to-patient ratios and ongoing patient evaluations, provide our patients with the maximum opportunity of comfort, removal of ventilator dependence, and, ultimately recovery.

CareMeridian ventilator and respiratory care facilities are located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

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