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Subacute Care Facilities & Patient Services Information

Our subacute care facilities‘ case management team maintains close contact with case managers and discharge planners to ensure that the care we provide meets your specific guidelines as well as the payer’s.

Each CareMeridian facility is directed by a registered nurse (RN), who is responsible for daily operations.  These RNs also work with physicians and therapists to create, assess and customize individual care plans for traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, long term pediatric care and more.  Plus, our in-house RN case manager guarantees that our patients receive quality care that meets rate guidelines set by worker’s compensation, commercial insurance and IPAs (independent physician groups).

Like most aspects of service at CareMeridian, our internal case management role is unique in the industry.  We don’t just consider a patient’s short-term goals.  We are committed to provide individualized rehabilitation, education and medical care that helps them reach the highest level of functioning possible for the long-term.

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