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Refer A Patient
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The first step in the CareMeridian patient evaluation and admitting process is a complete and thorough review of the individual’s medical records.  By understanding a patient’s case history, we can make sure we have the right people and care technology to increase the patient’s level of functionality.  In addition, we visit the patient at their current care facility to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and work with hospital staff to assess the patient’s medical and rehabilitation status.

Working with the family.

Family and friends are an integral part of the treatment team.  As part of our evaluation process, we meet with the family and review our care plan recommendations.  During this meeting we also share our opinion of their loved one’s long-range recovery potential upon completion of treatment at CareMeridian.

Who can we help?

We accept patients from the United States and internationally with brain, spinal cord or other catastrophic injuries and illnesses whom we believe, based on our comprehensive evaluation, we can assist to achieve a higher level of functioning.  In many cases, our payer contracts have reciprocity with payers in different states.  All of these factors go into whether a patient is appropriate for CareMeridian.  But if they are not, we don’t stop helping.  We can assist the case manager or discharge planner in finding alternate care choices.

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