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Reducing Acute Care Stay

CareMeridian specializes in rehabilitation and medical management for catastrophically ill or injured adult and pediatric patients.  We work with people suffering from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or medical complexities such as neuromuscular or congenital anomalies.

But no matter what their condition may be, we can still help these patients recover to their fullest potential.  Reaching this goal is far from simple.  It often requires intensive rehabilitation, education and training to help them move on to a more independent life.

Unique care offers hope for recovery.

Our unique care model includes a home like setting with a 1:4 staff to patient ratio.  Plus, our continuity of care means that the same care team works with the same patients – allowing us to continually adjust care plans, including pain management, as patients improve.  It also helps us provide pulmonary patients with more accurate vent settings and better evaluations of hydration and cognitive status during suctioning.

In addition, our unique approach to care enables us to manage high-cost, medically complex patients who typically would remain in more costly acute care settings and not benefit fully from that program, including patients from the ICU or surgical units.

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