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CareMeridian’s admission criteria, like our approach to care, is highly customized and varies from case to case.  It begins with a personal evaluation to determine whether we are the right fit and best option for the patient based on their individual needs.

We look at medical records.  We talk to hospital staff and the patient’s family.  And we see the patient in person.  If a patient can’t fully benefit from our care model, then we help find them the best care option.

Once the evaluation is complete and a patient meets our admission criteria, we work directly with the payer to verify benefits and obtain proper authorization.  If benefits are available, we will obtain authorization prior to patient admission.  CareMeridian coordinates between the family, payer and specific facility to make the transfer at the appropriate time.

From benefits verification to patient discharge, our in-house case manager is in contact with the payer every step of the way.  What’s more, the payer receives timely reports based on their requirements and is kept up-to-date on all treatment and equipment changes.

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